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volunteer brings a gift to victims at temporal houses
JLER presented uniforms for Kitagami sports club.



šneed of the fishery cooperative (2011.4.23)
š the request from the hospital(2011.4.21)
šLWF General Secretary Praise Japanese Lutheran Reaching out (2011.4.20)
šLutheran Collage and church members served for lunch (2011.4.20)
šJLER representatives Visited Sendai, RikuzenTakada and Kesennuma(2011.4.19)
šletters from our friends
šChurch Bazaar for victims in Brazil (2011.4.15)
šFor whom do the bells tollf ? Remembering the March 11 great earthquake(2011.4.15)
šeYou didnft leave us. Thank you!f(2011.4.5)
šThe wave and the harp(2011.3.29)
šon March 19th there was a Silent Walk-In in the Old Lutheran Church at Spui In Amsterdam
šletter of the General Secreary of The Lutheran World Federation, Geneva(2011.3.18)
šthe Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) have contributed nearly $750,000
šThe children from Park View Lutheran School sang a prayer in response to the Earthquake
šthe Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe has approved an amount of USD 1,500,000 (2011.4.15)

šCWS has made this brief video with images from their work in the field in Japan(2011.3.30)

šCWS Mobilizes Response to Unprecedented Japan Earthquake and Tsunami(2011.4.29)

Japan Lutheran Emergency Relief (JLER)
Japan Lutheran Emergency Relief (JLER)